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Website builder is an application or software that allows users to put together the elements quickly and easily in order to make a complete website.

Website builder typically feature drag-and-drop software that lets the users customize elements on a page with layouts chosen from a handful template.

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There are two different types of website builder to create a website that is online and offline formats, the main difference being an internet connection.

An online website builder simply work through your internet browser.

And the offline website builder is a software that helps to build a website on offline.

On the other hand, offline builder software function as a software, where the computer hosts files until it is ready to upload to web hosting to public the website. With this option, the user can work on site offline, but this will need a little more technical know-how. And, users may need to purchase a web hosting to upload the website, which means users need to buy separately includes software to build the website offline on computer and the web hosting as well.

What is a template and how to choose the template?

Template is a layout that already built by the designer. It has been built for the web owners to apply it as a skin cover for the website. The web owners can also change the settings of that template as they wish to make the website looks good as they want.

If the web owners can find a template that comes close to what they need their website to look like, the work of customizing it will be that much simpler.

In order to find a perfect fit template for work, you need to determine which colors that will you use for your website. Also, determine what your website is going to look like. Once you know well what you need, then the steps of building a website will work perfectly.

Choose the website color scheme.

Choosing the color scheme is one of the most important parts in order to build a professional website. As I say before, you must know well what you are looking for, what your business will look like, what is the colors that you use for your business.

The chosen of your colors is going to be one of the defining visual features of the website. Thoughtfully consider which main colors you want your website to display. If you don’t have much experience about the color scheme, then you have to choose one by one color scheme that works for your business website on the panel option of the template until you find the one that works for you.

Upload logo to the website:

You need a have a logo for your website. The logo is your business logo. If you don’t have a logo you can order a logo design from the logo designers, or simply you can make a logo by yourself.

So you need to have a professional for your website.

Logo is the thing that any website must-have. If the website don’t have a logo, it is a no big deal but the visitors, users, potential customers won’t recognize your business, your brand, or they might don’t know what you are doing or what your business work for.

Create pages:

Home page is the main website home page for your website.

Contact page is the page that let your audiences have the way to get in touch with you.

About us page is a page to tell what all about your business, what you are doing.

If you are planning to build the landing page that only one page, so you don’t need to build other pages like above. You just need to put all this information to that one-page stand for home page.

Blog page is a page to publish about your business information that update by day or by month, or simply you just need updating the need feature of your business to your audiences. You can find out more about this on other competitors business websites.

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