Free WHOIS privacy Domain Register companies

Free Whois privacy protection

If you want to know exactly which companies offer free Whois Privacy protection for domain, this post I will mention some of registrars offers free Whois.

Whois Privacy protection is the feature that helps to seal our private information out of the public Database of Icann which accessable by anyone or any software.

If some situations you forget to turn on Whois Privacy protection you may get spam emails or call from strangers for some financial purposes that benefits for them.

How to know your domain Whois Privacy status. Simply do Whois lookup your domain name on the websites that offers Whois checker.

Click here: Check out domain status here

Follow the link above and enter your domain name into the box then check the status. If you don’t see the private information in the results, it means you have enabled Whois Privacy protection for your domain name. I recommend you check for every domain name that you have.

Here is the companies offer free Whois protection feature:

Namesilo is the domain Register company offers free Whois privacy protection without any fee. Namesilo is the paradise for bulk orders domain names register. The more you order the price will go cheaper and cheaper. Please check the pricing page to learn more.

Namesilo free Whois

Register domains with Namesilo now

Read more.

Namecheap is the company offers free WhoisGuard feature for all users to protect the domain names.

Namecheap domain name Register free Whois

Register domain with Namecheap

Dynadot is the registrar also offer free Whois privacy feature for any domain register.

Register domain name with Dynadot now

Dynadot domain Register

Porkbun is also the one offers free Whois protection for any user. Porkbun domain company also an option to choice for register domain names.

Register domain name with Porkbun

Porkbun Register domain name

Dreamhost is a web hosting company. They also offer free private domain protection.

Register domain at DreamHost


There are still some more companies that offers free Whois protection that I don’t mention here.

Free WHOIS privacy protection

For some of reasons, the registrars do not offer Whois privacy protection free but go through this post you will know more about some popular domain name services offers free Whois protection.

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