NexusBytes: Free Directadmin | Blesta | Windows: $2/mo VPS in NYC|Miami|LA|London|NL|Singpoare|Japan

nexusbytes VPS deal

NexusBytes offers 2/mo VPS in NYC|Miami|LA|London|NL|Singpoare|Japan, Free Directadmin | Blesta | Windows

NexusBytes accepts these payment methods: Debit/Credit Card, Paypal, AliPay, We Chat Pay, PayTM, Bitcoin / BitcoinCash / LiteCoin / Ethereum

Get your blazing fast Ryzen CPU and NVME storage powered VPS from a brand, that cares about you!

Premium Blazing Fast Ryzen CPU and NVMe storagepowered KVM VPS Starting @ 2/mo:

Configure and order your Ryzen VPS here.

Premium Dedicated Blazing Fast Ryzen vCPU and NVMe storagepowered vDedi Servers Starting@ $19.20/mo :

Configure and order your Ryzen vDedicated Server here.

Premium Blazing Fast Ryzen CPU and NVMe storage powered Reseller Pool, with WHMCS Module starting @ $6.40/mo :

Configure and order your VPS reseller plan here.

Affordable Storage VPS, perfect for backing up your precious contents. Starting @ $3.20/mo:

Configure and order your Storage VPS here

Server Locations :

NYC Metro, USA | Miami, Florida, USA | LA, USANaaldwijk, NL | London, UK Singapore | Tokyo, Japan.

Test IP and Download Speed test

  • 48 Hours Refund Policy
  • Free Windows Server 19 or windows server 12 standard license with Annual Payments(VPS-2G and above)
  • Nested Virt Enabled
  • Custom ISO support
  • Hassle free rDns setup for IPv4 and IPv6
  • All codes and plans are recurring. You will be grandfathered in if we ever increase pricing.
  • Promo Plan cannot replace any existing service.

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