$25 Free Upcloud Credits Cheap VPS to deploy new server

When you are clicking on our link and register a new account, then fund a minimum amount to Upcloud VPS you are going to get a 25$ free Upcloud credits to deploy a new VPS server.

Hit the button above to get $25 free credits, no coupon code required. $25 credits will auto added when successful sign up via our link.

Promo code : X334HZ

UpCloud offers several payment methods for users to add balance to their UpCloud account. The current selection of accepted payment methods include:

  • Credit cards: Visa and MasterCard.
  • PayPal: PayPal balance, bank account, debit and credit cards (payment methods accepted by PayPal may vary by region).
  • Bank Transfers (Finland only): Paytrail

If you have any questions about the payment methods or a request for a special payment method, do not hesitate to contact at support@upcloud.com.

Upcloud server locations:

AU-SYD1 – Sydney, Australia

DE-FRA1 – Frankfurt, Germany

ES-MAD1 – Madrid,Spain

FI-HEL1 – Helsinki, Finland

FI-HEL2 – Helsinki, Finland

NL-AMS1 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

PL-WAW1 – Warsaw, Poland

SG-SIN1 – Singapore, Singapore

UK-LON1 – London, UK

US-CHI1 – Chicago, USA

US-NYC1 – New York, USA

US-SJO1 – San Jose, USA

Contact & support:

General: hello@upcloud.com
Sales: sales@upcloud.com
Support: support@upcloud.com

The live chat is available on our website and control panel for anyone seeking assistance with any type of technical problem or enquiry.

Server status:




If you need any help contact here:


█ Contact sales:

Please send an email to [sales@upcloud.com] or https://upcloud.com/contact/#contact-sales below.

█ User support 24/7:


With abuse related issues, please contact abuse@upcloud.com.

█ General questions or feedback:


█ Live chat support here inside:


Watch this video to see how to deploy a new server with Upcloud:

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