Launch your first WordPress blog Video guides from A-Z with Expert

This video has been made buy GreenGeeks web hosting. It will guide you how to launch a first WordPress blog with GreenGeeks web hosting. It will take you through step-by-step guides of the installation from the expert of GreenGeeks web hosting.

If you do not have a hosting, order GeenGeeks web hosting here.

GreenGeeks is a good support Web hosting company. When you order a web hosting or WordPress hosting at GreenGeeks, you need a support just contact the support team they will help you with 100% of enthusiasm.

How to launch the first WordPress blog

How to order and Launch WordPress on Greengeeks web hosting

Below is the images guide how to create a blog in just a few clicks with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard.

First navigate to GreenGeeks web hosting.

Click here to go

Next select WordPress hosting service to order.

You need to choose domain name for your WordPress blog. A name that people know what is your blog all about. A name that everyone can remember it well.

After you go a nice domain name, you complete the Order information.

Next install WordPress

Next select a significant WordPress theme for your blog

Complete the WordPress installation progress

How to choose right topography and color scheme for the WordPress website

This video will guide you how to choose right color scheme for your WordPress blog as well as how to choose right typography font to help your blog unique and impressed

How to use Elementor in WordPress, a Comprehensive Beginner’s guides

Watch this video to know about how to use Elementor to build a significant WordPress blog or a professional website for business.

How to help WordPress website load fast

Here is a Greengeeks video of how to optimize the WordPress with LiteSpeed cache.

After finishing the optimization, your WordPress blog will load extremely fast.

WordPress security: How to help WordPress website avoiding issues

This video of Greengeeks web hosting will guide you how to avoid the WordPress security issues to protect your WordPress website.

The complete guide of How to use Gutenberg WordPress for beginners

Gutenberg is the blocks editors, if you need to know about it watch the video below

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