MechanicWeb $30 Off High Frequency Compute Coupon, More Than Dedicated Server, Managed, KVM, NVMe, Free offsite Backup

MechanicWeb offers promo codes: $25 off, $15 off, $30 Off on High Frequency Compute, More Than Dedicated Server, Managed, KVM, NVMe, Backup.


  • High Frequency Compute
  • 3.7+ GHz (5.3 GHz Turbo) CPU
  • NVMe SSD Local Storage
  • 100% Intel Xeon Cores
  • cPanel Certified System Administrators
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Free Offsite Backup
  • Free Migration/Transfer
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 100% Uptime SLA
** Package Name **** HF-22 **** HF-44 **** HF-48 **** HF-612 **
Discounted Price$25/m$40/m$60/m$90/m
** Geekbench 4 Score **11441199122074628417
CPU2 CPU (5.3 GHz)4 CPU (5.3 GHz)4 CPU (5.3 GHz)6 CPU (5.3 GHz)
Memory2 GB4 GB8 GB12 GB
Storage50 GB NVMe100 GB NVMe150 GB NVMe200 GB NVMe
Offsite Backup100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB
Bandwidth2 TB4 TB5 TB5 TB
IPv4 Address2222
IPv6 AddressFreeFreeFreeFree
DDoS ProtectionIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
DirectAdmin (Unlimited)IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
cPanel (5 Accounts)$13.50$13.50$13.50$13.50
Promo CodeVK19LI15 ($15 Off)VK19LI25 ($25 Off)VK19LI30 ($30 Off)VK19LI30 ($30 Off)
Order Now!Order Now!Order Now!Order Now!

Main Features

  • KVM Virtualization
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel Optional
  • Free Offsite Backup
  • Free IPv4 Address
  • Free IPv6 Address
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Full Root Access
  • More Features:


Premium Hardware

  • High Frequency Compute
  • Latest Generation Intel Xeon Processor
  • Data Center Grade Hardware
  • Lightning Fast Current Generation Server
  • Completely Underloaded Node
  • RAID Protected Redundant Storage

Unmatched Performance 
Experience the fastest server processors in single core performance as seen on PassMark and other third party benchmarks. The High Frequency VPS boasts unmatched performance powered by Intel Xeon W-1290P with 3.7+ GHz (5.3 GHz Turbo) CPU and high speed NVMe SSD Local Storage.

Fully Managed 
Enjoy a fully managed service that just works without any input required from you. A dedicated team of cPanel certified system administrators will handle installation, configuration, and maintenance of your VPS round the clock, even during the holiday seasons. Support is available 24/7, whenever you need a support.

Free Goodies 
The provider aim to reach beyond industry standards and include more features with every service they offer. Free offsite backup is included and configured with all plans. Performance optimization and security hardening are standard. In addition to custom configured RSpamd and SpamAssassin spam filters, MailChannels is available at a discounted price, which helps prevent IP blacklisting and improves email deliverability.

 Better than Dedicated Server
Some VPS plans easily outperform the latest generation E3v6 dedicated servers as indicated by their Geekbench 4 benchmark scores. You get easy scalability of upgrading CPU, Memory, and other resources as seamlessly as performing a simple reboot which is not possible on a dedicated server.


Dallas, Texas, USA (High Frequency VPS):

Speed Test File: |
  • EU Optimized Route
  • 110 ms from Amsterdam/London (EU)
  • 163 ms from Buenos Aires (South America)

Los Angeles, California, USA (Premium VPS):

Speed Test File: |
  • Asia Optimized Route
  • 100 ms from Tokio (Asia)

New York City, New York, USA (Premium VPS):

[Speed Test File]: |

Netherlands (Premium VPS):

[Speed Test File]: |

Note: *Prices subject to change

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