US/Singapore SSD VPS $5 US per month from IndoVirtue, 10 Gbit/s, PayPal/BTC, AntiDDoS/DirectChina


IndoVirtue offers US/Singapore SSD VPS $5 US per month, 10 Gbit/s, PayPal/BTC, AntiDDoS/DirectChina.

VPS Packages – US

1024 MB RAM
20 GB SSD Storage
1 x 2.8 Ghz Ivy Bridge vCPU Core
1000 GB Bandwidth
$5/month. Order Now!

Bigger OpenVZ package is in here!

VPS Packages – Budget Singapore

1024 MB RAM
40 GB SSD Storage
1 vCPU Core
2500 GB Bandwidth
$7/month. Order Now!

Bigger package is in here!

VPS Packages – Premium Singapore

512 MB RAM
20 GB SSD Storage
1 x 3.4 Ghz Skylake vCPU Core
500 GB Bandwidth
$10/month. Order Now!

What makes Premium Singapore different with Budget Singapore?

  • It has direct China for faster latency and throughput
  • If you’re not satisfied with our Budget VPS network performance and reliability, please try our Premium Singapore VPS instead.
  • Best all-around network in Singapore! Latency and throughput is perfect for your CDN, finance, VoIP and gaming application:
    Malaysia (<40ms),
    Philippines (<50ms),
    Mainland China (<50ms),
    Taiwan (<60ms),
    Vietnam (<65ms),
    India (<75ms),
    Japan (<80ms),
    United Arab Emirates (<90ms),
    Australia (<95ms),
    Thailand (<100ms),
    Germany (<165ms),
    United Kingdom (<160ms),
    Netherland (<160ms),
    West US (<165ms),
    Italy (<165ms),
    France (<170ms),
    Belgium (<175ms),
    Russia (<205ms),
    Canada (<210ms),
    East US (<235ms),

    and many more. Here is the latency test data:

Bigger KVM package is in here! (2nd price table)

Anti DDoS IP – Singapore Only

  • Setup time is 24 hours. Requiring at least one of our Singapore VPS.
  • Clean traffic has the same bandwidth and routes, except there is no Incoming PCCW routes (China ping might be higher). Additional clean traffic is $25/month for every 1000GB.
  • Blocking common tcp/udp flood, reflection attack such as DNS (53), NTP (123) and SSDP (1900) for up to 20Gbit/sec. Attack with more than assigned capacity means 1 hour null. Higher capacity is also available.
  • Priced at $250/month. Order Now!

VPS Details

  • No setup fee with pro-rated billing to day one of each month, no minimum contract, 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 (Singapore only) for each VPS plan.
  • VPS info usually emailed 45 seconds after payment received, unless our blacklist or anti-fraud system prevents it.
  • Full root access / SSH with SolusVM Control Panel for metrics and fast OS reinstall. IPv4 and IPv6 RDNS can be set by in here (no mail spam please.) IPv6 only available in Singapore location.
  • For OpenVZ Virtualization, TUN/TAP/GRE/PPTP/DAHDI/FUSE/IPTABLES can be enabled. Serial console is available in Control Panel.
  • For KVM virtualization, make a support ticket to us if you want to add custom ISO. VNC is available in Control Panel.
  • Hosted on Enterprise Grade hardware: SuperMicro case, Intel Xeon E3/E5, ECC RAM, Pure SSD Storage without spinning HDD.
  • OS Templates: 64 bit of Debian 7, Elastix 2.5, CentOS 6, CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. Cpanel VPS license available and custom templates request possible, just make a support ticket.

Summary of Legal aspects

  • IndoVirtue servers is protected by RAID storage with offsite weekly backup. However, we are not offering any data integrity guarantee / liability. Please backup your own data regulary.
  • All services are provided on an “as is” basis. IndoVirtue will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee applied, except on scheduled maintenance and DDOS attack. Service Level Agreement claims will be made in the form of account credit only.
  • On Singapore location, network null will be applied if your VPS is attacked by DDoS. Repeated attacks means service refund from us
  • TOR, Adult/pornographic, Virus/worm/trojan and copyrighted content is prohibited. You will be allowed twenty four hours to respond to the complaint.
  • Legal by law activities only. Obvious mail spamming, phishing, port scanning, OSCAM, and hacking activities means instant termination.
  • CPU abusive activities like coin mining, Minecraft, video encoding, and any other activities which is causing high system load is prohibited. Instead, please make a support ticket for specific permission and exception.
  • Detailed TOS, AUP, and privacy policy is in here. By signing up to our service, you are agree with our terms. Please read in details before.

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