Backorder .me 19.99 US dollars from Dynadot, before July 31

Dynadot domain name provider offers deal of backorder of .me domain just 19.99 US dollars.

Take advantage of the .ME backorder sale for only $19.99! Offer ends on 7/31/21 23:59 UTC.

Dynadot domain registration

what is a domain backorder?

Once the domain name has completed the expiration process, and passes the redemption period, the domain is “dropped”, meaning it is re-released back to the public for new registrants. Before it is returned to the market, users can place a ‘domain backorder’ and our drops system will try to ‘catch’ or retrieve that domain the moment it is released. Both ‘domain backorder’ and ‘domain drop-catch’ are used interchangeably in the domain industry.

You can get a lot of short, and nice domain names on the Backorder market.

Dynadot backorder .me domain name

Note: price subject to change

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