Web hosting discount 80% with Promo from Stablehost, in USA, EU, Singapore

stablehost discount promo

Today, I would like to share here on my website the new special offer of web hosting 80% off promo code from Stablehost. Stable web hosting starting from 1.75 in US dollars per month. Stablehost offers complete website security with website SSL certificate protected for free, WAF included, and Anti-spam feature also free. Your website is hosted with Stablehost is completely safe and secure.

Stablehost 80% off web hosting coupon

70% discount first invoice at Stablehost

50% discount first invoice Starter and PRO package at Stablehost

15% discount first invoice VPS hosting of Stablehost

30% discount first invoice Reseller hosting of Stablehost

30% discount first invoice Reseller hosting of Stablehost

Your WordPress websites hosted at Stablehost will get 200x faster loading time because the tech team of Stablehost has been calculated how to make sure your WordPress sites load fastest as they can be. They have optimized it in order to help your WordPress website work well and load fastest as well. Stablehost has integrated the LiteSpeed feature on the web hosting level for all web hosting. This is one of the best features for a faster loading website.

Installation of WordPress application with Stablehost is extremely fast and easy with just a few easy steps. You need to name your website first, select the domain name for your website, Change the tagline or description of your WordPress website. And don’t forget to create a password for your WordPress site and save it to the password manager or quick book, notebook, save directly to the web browser or somewhere else you easy to get the password to access to your WordPress website.

After completing the installation of the WordPress website, you need to change the logo, tagline, WordPress themes, choose the color scheme for the website.

Create contact page, about us page and config the website home page.

Stablehost server locations:

Stablehost has the following Datacenter locations:

  • Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. (Clustered Web Hosting, Clustered Enterprise Web Hosting, Clustered Reseller, VPS)
  • Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. (Traditional Web Hosting, VPS)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Traditional Web Hosting, Traditional Enterprise Web Hosting, Reseller, VPS)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (Clustered Web Hosting)
  • Singapore, Singapore (Cloud Web Hosting, Clustered Enterprise Web Hosting)
  • Valencia, Spain (Traditional Web Hosting) 
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Cloud Web Hosting)

Payment options:

Stablehost accepts all major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. They also accept PayPal (both recurring and one-time payments).

Looking Glass/Download Speed test files

If you want to get the Looking glass/Download speed test files here for you:


100MB/10MB Download Test

- ##### Phoenix, Arizona

10MB: http://phx-speed.stablehost.com/10mb.zip

100MB: http://phx-speed.stablehost.com/100mb.zip

Sample WordPres Blog: http://phx-speed.stablehost.com/example-blog

- ##### Chicago, Illinois

10MB: http://chi-speed.stablehost.com/10mb.zip

100MB: http://chi-speed.stablehost.com/100mb.zip

Sample WordPres Blog: http://chi-speed.stablehost.com/example-blog

- ##### Amsterdam, Netherlands

10MB: http://ams-speed.stablehost.com/10mb.zip

100MB: http://ams-speed.stablehost.com/100mb.zip

Sample WordPres Blog: http://ams-speed.stablehost.com/example-blog

- ##### Singapore

10MB: http://sin-speed.stablehost.com/10mb.zip

100MB: http://sin-speed.stablehost.com/100mb.zip

Sample WordPres Blog: http://sin-speed.stablehost.com/example-blog

- ##### Sweden, Stockolm

10MB: http://swe-speed.stablehost.com/10mb.zip

100MB: http://swe-speed.stablehost.com/100mb.zip

Sample WordPres Blog: http://swe-speed.stablehost.com/example-blog

- ##### Valencia, Spain

10MB: http://es-speed.stablehost.com/10mb.zip

100MB: http://es-speed.stablehost.com/100mb.zip

Sample WordPres Blog: http://es-speed.stablehost.com/example-blog

- ##### Frankfurt, Germany

10MB: http://fra-speed.stablehost.com/10mb.zip

100MB: http://fra-speed.stablehost.com/100mb.zip

Sample WordPres Blog: http://fra-speed.stablehost.com/example-blog

More information about the StableHost Clusters:


Here is the Terms of Services:


Here the privacy policy:


If you need any help, please contact here:

Phone: 855-720-2654

Email: support@stablehost.com

Or contact here:

stablehost discount promo

Here are some other Stablehost sites:

About Stablehost:

Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2009, StableHost offers a number of benefits for customers looking for affordable Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Website, or SSL Certificate.

Customers can choose the location of their hosting; Phoenix or Chicago, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany. Every Web Hosting plan includes a Free Sitebuilder from BaseKit and if you register or transfer a domain with StableHost, you get Whois protection for Free as well.

At StableHost you can choose monthly subscriptions or annual subscriptions, but the commission to affiliates will be the same no matter what period the customer chooses. Pretty great right! Support is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a Web Hosting provider, therefore great support is a key factor for StableHost.

Note: The promo codes may expire at any time

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