.GROUP domain name extension for brands, communities

As the calculation of .group domain name extension registration to date, there are over 90,000 .group domain names have been registered. .group stand for a brand or really big brand, a large community, an organization.

As a business owner, .GROUP will help you give your public the image of a united brand or create a sense of community. “Group” is also a keyword that inspires trust and is internationally understood, ideal to showcase your group products or services.

If your business website does not have . group domain name yet. Register a group domain name now.

Who is available for .group domain name extension?

Order .group domain name comes here

You may think .group domain name extension is dedicated to giant firms, but there is a lot more audiences who can use it.

Who uses .group domain name extension:

  • Big corporations
  • Small and medium-size businesses
  • Groups of friends
  • Charities
  • Hobby groups
  • Music bands
  • Sports teams

.group domain name registration is available to all.

We can use .group domain name on websites that related to group of people, team, club, community.

And it is also perfect for:

  • Create a space for customers to share comments and feedback
  • Create a space for employees, team or club members
  • Help volunteer groups recruit
  • Help charities collect
  • Share family news, holiday pictures, gossip with friends

Where to register .group domain name?

There are a lot of web hosting, domain name provider that is available to buy web hosting service as well as register .group name extension, web design service, and tech support.

You can order web design service or web builder as well as register domain name .group at GoDaddy.

If you simply need a website builder for your business, or web hosting, register . group domain name so you can order at EuroDNS.

There are still have a lot of more providers where you can register .group name for business.

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