SpinupWP free credit 50$, WordPress Optimized 200x faster

spinupwp credits free

SpinupWP offers $50 credits free for 30days of use of the services and $100 credits free of DigitalOcean for new accounts. This is a big offer for web developers, WP users, freelancers or anyone.

SpinupWP is a modern server control panel that’s here to help you implement best practices for every server you spin up. Designed for WordPress. What’s exactly SpinupWP can do?

SpinupWP supports DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS. Or If you have a VPS server with full Credentials access as an IP address, root password, SSH access, you can connect to SpinupWP. It does need to be a fresh installation of Ubuntu though.

First, you need to deploy a server on any VPS provider you like then get the IP address of server, root password then apply it to connect to SpinupWP.

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