What is different between one-time discount and recurring discount terms at the checkout of hosting,products?


You may see the words ‘recurring discount’ and ‘one-time discount’ at the check-out when ordering web hosting products, or other services on the internet. But you are a newbie, you are not sure what it is and how does it work or even what is it all about. You want to become a smart customer, don’t you? Okay. I would like to explain what I know to you all.

One-time discount means the discount, coupon, promo code just applied for one-time of that purchase only. Next billing cycle, I mean the renewal of that product or service next years, the discount will not be applied.

Recurring discount means the discount will work for the first of purchase or even next billing cycle. I mean the renewal next year.

After you have applied the coupon, promo codes at the check-out for purchasing web hosting product, you may see the details of discount status for onetime discount or recurring discount.

There are so many strategies to get much discount as it could. In order to be a genius customer, you should know well about them.

The recurring discount is the best offer of ever, so often you may hard to find this type of offer at the web hosting provider.

In some cases, the coupon or discount code doesn’t need, so you don’t need to find them.

About is all information that all I want to share with you.

Web hosting recurring discount

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