hostEONS VPS Free Windows 2019 Standard License


hostEONS offers VPS hosting plans with Free Windows 2019 Standard License. They offer Windows 2019 Standard License for free with all eligible KVM VPS on annual or higher billing cycles, but now they are even offering it without any monthly payments with monthly, quarterly and semi-annual billing cycles, all you need to pay is a one $25 setup fees for the license.

Moreover if you are paying annually or bi-annually or tri-annually you even don’t need to pay any setup fees.

So just for a one-time Setup Fee of $25 you get a Free Windows 2019 Standard License for your VPS with no monthly recurring costs as long as you keep renewing your VPS.

Just select “Windows 2019 Standard License” add-on in the order form to get it.

They may end this offer anytime so order your VPS now.

It is applicable on Budget Gigabit VPS 3 and higher Packages and also on Ryzen VPS 2 and higher packages.

Budget Gigabit KVM SSD VPS (Some Available in LA, NY and Dallas, But out of stock in all other locations)

Gigabit VPS 32 (Fair Share)2 GB25 GB ORDER 
Gigabit VPS 42 (Fair Share)2.5 GB30 GB ORDER 
Gigabit VPS 53 (Fair Share)3 GB40 GB ORDER 
Gigabit VPS 63 (Fair Share)5 GB50 GB ORDER 
Gigabit VPS 76 (Fair Share)10 GB120 GB ORDER 
Gigabit VPS 810 (Fair Share)12 GB150 GB ORDER 
Gigabit VPS 914 (Fair Share)20 GB200 GB ORDER 
Gigabit VPS 1020 (Fair Share)30 GB300 GB ORDER 

Premium Ryzen KVM VPS with NVME Storage

RYZEN 2 GB2 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)2 GB30 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 3 GB2 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)3 GB50 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 4 GB2 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)4 GB70 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 5 GB4 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)5 GB90 GB (NVME) ORDER 
RYZEN 6 GB6 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)6 GB100 GB (NVME) ORDER 
RYZEN 7 GB6 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)7 GB120 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 8 GB8 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)8 GB140 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 9 GB8 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)9 GB150 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 10 GB10 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)10 GB170 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 11 GB10 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)11 GB180 GB NVME ORDER 
RYZEN 12 GB12 (3.5 Ghz+ Fair Share)12 GB200 GB NVME ORDER 

Looking glass:

Network Looking Glass -
Dallas -
NY -

VPS plan:

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If you need help contact here:

US: +1 213 260 4236

Singapore: +65 31584717

Skype: hosteons


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